‘Prime’ Directive

Primacy Principle of Personalized Existence 

‘The purpose of life is to express that which is uniquely yours to express.’

The Individual Personalized Being (IPB) is the experiencing aspect of creation. The Individual Personalized Being (IPB) is the exerciser of will within and throughout creation.

In an attempt to explain the relationship between the IPB (the atomic unit of consciousness) and the One Existent Awareness (OAE) (the entirety of consciousness/Divine Mind) I am inspired to use number due to its various expressions of qualities in a concise logical system of understanding.

The question is, ‘How does the IPB relate to the OAE?’

If you can comprehend the use of number as a metaphor to represent the relationships in reality then the relationship of the OAE to IPB is that of the number 1 to each Prime number. A prime number is a number that is divisible by only itself and 1. There is nothing in between the direct connection of the 1 and its Prime creations. Each individuated personality is a unique expression of the one, is a unique expression of the Divine Mind.

Therefore the single highest demand upon IPB is to express that bit of themselves that is uniquely theirs to express. This is the Primacy Principle of Personalized Existence.(Prime Directive)

The purpose of Life is for each of us to express our unique qualities and desires. That is what is demanded of you by your divine parentage. That is what is demanded of you by your very Existence. That is the price of Life. And, it is in the expressing of one’s uniqueness that one’s greatest satisfactions will be achieved.