Philosophy of Planetary Personality

Philosophy of Planetary Personality

The planet earth is a living breathing Being that has its own sense of self-hood. A self aware entity with it’s own sense of I’ness. (3,6,9)

This planet has consciously engaged in the creation and the maintenance of Humanity. (1,4,7)

This planet cares for and feels deep love for Humanity and all life upon its body.(2,5,8)

Evident Truths:

The Philosophy of Planetary Personality declares the “One Family” Perspective of HumanityIf the planet is the parental body to its child Humanity, then every Human belongs to a single Family due to our common parentage.

The Philosophy of Planetary Personality declares the Principle of Bio-PrimacyThe Planet produces life as her major activity. Therefore all life is sacred and all activities shall be judged on whether it is a positive for the life on the planet first. All economical and scientific benefit is of secondary concern.

The Philosophy of Planetary Personality declares the righteousness of the Great Tithe System. As a member of the Family every Human Being receives Brother / Sister status. Just as the resources of a family belongs evenly to every member of that immediate family so to do the resources of this Earth belong equally to every member of the “One Family”: Humanity.