12 Years to Utopia

A SylvaSophia Community Ensoulment Program

What is Utopia but the ideal society. A community that maximizes its resources to the good of all. A community that secures the basic needs of its citizens so that they are freed to reach their unique and individual potential. A community the cares for the least, that recognizes & supports the gifted, and respects everyone as a member of the One Family.

A community that an ideal mother would design.

The “12 Years to Utopia”(12YU) strategy is based on a simple a premise, “You can never change the world by fighting against anything. Only by fighting FOR something can the community be brought together.” There are 3 programs in the “12 Years to Utopia”(12YU) strategy, the Arborist Approach, the Family Food Circle, and Commitment to Civic Excellence(CCE).

Arborist Approach

A program based around giving seeds of fruit bearing trees to elementary age school kids. This program’s initial cost is 0$ for the first 4 years (all volunteer and donated program). Minimal cost for the next 3 years. Then negative cost for as long as the program is instituted. (It turns a profit for the community and funds itself in the process). By year 12 a small town that followed the Arborist Approach would have:

  • A Community Orchard Park
  • A Mature producing Profitable Mixed Fruit Orchard
  • A top notch Permaculture Education Academy
  • A top notch Education through Experience Business Academy
  • Town Label products that generate profits for the town
  • Civic enterprises to provide jobs and insurance plan options for the town

Family Food Circle

A program based around organizing church congregations with local permaculture farmers and ranchers. Through this relationship a town will develop its own micro-economic zone. By creating a tight producer and consumer relationship the town can cycle community money within the community. The town will also experience local industry revitalization like butchers, farmers, and personal chefs. Over time the town will have higher quality food for their families, more good paying jobs for its youth, and a strong local economy to funds schools and other civic services.

Commitment to Civic Excellence (CCE)

The Commitment to Civic Excellence (CCE) is a social contract that citizens can voluntarily sign on to. This contract states the priorities by which elected officials should apply communal resources. The CCE also states the limits on the use of force to coerce actions.

‘Carrots over Sticks’ is a philosophy of governance. The philosophy is simply stated, “If the carrot is cheaper and more effective than the stick, then let’s use the Carrot.” A list of incentive programs to affect behavior that are more effective and less costly than present punitive programs.

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