Planetary Personality

Who is SylvaSophia?

Who is the question of identity. Identity is that sense of self-hood from which personality pours forth. Personality is the unique expression of consciousness that permeates a being. 

So when the question is asked, ‘Who is SylvaSophia?’, we are asking about the personality of a being. The name of the being is SylvaSophia and her body is the planet Earth.

Right here a lot of my skeptic brothers and sisters will sit back in huffed-up-guffah…

“How can you say that the planet is alive with a personality? And that it is a woman no less?”

Well let us talk this out.

There is much that cannot be proven in this world so I will not let you hold me to that level. But, if you will engage in a fair logical treatise of the facts you will be forced to accept that what i claim is a possibility. And for those that are not as skeptic then my logic will point your mind in a direction that many indigenous cultures have taken as truth from time immemorial.

The argument is stated thusly:

The actual is proof of the potential…

I am a living breathing being endowed with life (actual). This life expresses an aspect of uniqueness that I call me(actual). This I’ness is located in or around a particular collection of compounds that I call my body(actual). These compounds were assembled and maintained as a factor of planetary processes(actual). Which means that the products of the planet have the capability of housing I’ness(actual).

Therefore, it is completely possible to contemplate that the planet itself might have it’s own I’ness(potential); that the planet is a living breathing entity with its own personality(potential).

If you can either accept this or at least accept that it is possible, then the next question is, ‘In what relation am I to this Planetary Personality?’

The environment of outer space is lethal to a Human Being. Take a naked woman out of the protective bubble of the planet and she is toast.

So, the planet is providing us with a safe haven within which to live comfortably.

Our very bodies, composed of the material we ingest as food, are made up of the compounds created by the planet.

Every bit of life and meaning that we have experienced as individuals has occurred on this planet. So, the planet provides a place for us to express purposeful lives with loved ones and moments of great satisfaction.

The planet provides a womb for our development. It feeds us from the very substance of its body, it gives us a vast playground within which to live lives of purposeful accomplishment so that we might feel good about ourselves…

It is clear that my relationship to this planet is that of child to mother.

Brothers and Sisters of Humanity, we are all of One Family because we all come from the same Mother.

This planet is the Mother of Humanity and her name is


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